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by Joe Lavelle on March 25, 2008

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Accelerate your CareerI find success exciting, don’t you? I have always been passionate about helping others around me succeed and grow, whether within their careers or personal life. My passion and excitement about success has inspired me to create the Act As If brand to solely focus on helping professionals accelerate their career success.

My years of experience as a consultant, father and mentor have taught me not only the importance of hard work, but also the value of working smarter and more efficiently. Not everyone possesses the pizzazz or natural ability to step up to the plate and hit a homerun every time. Not everyone jumps into a new job with 100 percent confidence and success within the first week. Most of us need both time and help to be successful at work.

I have managed in the thousands of people over the course of my 20 year career and I have been particularly passionate about helping people achieve their short and long term goals.  I have paid special attention to what has differentiated the most successful of those people, the top 10% performers, from the rest of the pack.  You probably won’t be shocked when you read the three things that differentiated to top performers from the pack.  The bigger question is, will you put this knowledge to work to start accelerating your career?  Knowing the answers is easy.  Implementing the answers takes effort.

So, what are the three things that differentiated the top performers from the rest of the pack?

1.       They worked hard – Expecting success without hard work is about the same as expecting to win the lottery.  It could happen, but you will be depending on luck.  Malcolm Gladwell has some great insights on the value of hard work in his new book, OutliersCheck it out.

2.       They had a great attitude, what I call the “act as if it were impossible to fail” mindset  They are looking:

1.       For solutions not problems,

2.       To lead and unite not complain and disrupt, and

3.       To change the world that they interact with.

3.        Their “personal operating system” includes the set of strategies that I have detailed in my book Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail.  I am providing the table of contents here so you can get an idea for each of the strategies.



1.       Your First Ninety Days in a Job… And the next … And the next

2.       Your Boss’s Job

3.       Partnering with Human Resources

4.       Effective Networking

5.       The Victim

6.       Why is ROI important?

7.       Customer and Employee Satisfaction

8.       You Won’t Find the Solution to Your Next Big Problem in the Sports Page

9.       Heartfelt Communication

10.    Work Hard, Play Hard

11.    Practice Does Not Make Perfect but it will Improve Your Performance

12.    Personal Notes and Personal Touches

13.    Mastering Storytelling


The first of the tools that I have created to help professionals accelerate success is a simple form called a Career Acceleration Plan (CAP) template.  You can easily utilize the CAP to help you focus on the most important actions toward your next promotion or raise.   I have pasted a quick preview of the CAP template below.

I will e-mail the CAP template free to everyone that leaves a comment below.

I am very excited to be following my passion with the launching of Act As If and I am inspired to improve the lives of many, many people.  I hope that you are excited as well and I am asking you to pass the word about my blog to other professionals that would like to accelerate their careers as well.

Thank you and let’s start acting as if it were impossible to fail…



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