Still working? Why aren’t you networking?

by Joe Lavelle on April 15, 2009

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So you are lucky enough that the recent economic conditions have not caused the elimination of your position, yet.  That does not mean that you should not be networking aggressively.   In fact, you should dedicate at least four hours per month and probably more to making new contacts and to maintaining current contacts.  Networking is not an off-season sport that should only be played when you are out of a job.  You will be measured more and more  by the size and capabilities of your network as you move up the corporate ladder and when the economy tightens. Here are 5 Networking Tips to stimulate your networking activities:

1) Improve your LinkedIn Profile

  • Make your profile current with your latest work experienceme-20
  • Join at least 3 new groups related to your competencies, special interests, school attended, etc.
  • Ask 5 people for a recommendation
  • Add 10 new connections (you should do this monthly)
  • Purchase and read Me 2.0 by Dan Schawbel for tips on personal branding to incorporate into your profile

2) Never Eat Alone ala Keith Ferrazzi;

  • whos-got-your-backGo to breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour with at least 2 people that you can help and at least 1 person that can help you with your current goals each month.
  • By the way, Keith has a new book coming out May 19, “Who’s Got Your Back?”; check it out here.

3) Personal Notes

  • Send a note on personalized stationary to at least 2 people that helped you succeed at something this month.
  • For those that helped significantly, consider purchasing a gift card at their favorite store or restaurant.

4) Social Networking

  • LinkedIn was addressed in #1;  If you are not a member, join.  It is the predominant business networking site.
  • Join 1 Social Network to connect with family and friends; Facebook is my preferred site and I have profiles on other popular sites (MySpace, etc) that point people to my Facebook profile.  I know many people that are using Facebook to communicate with business contacts.  I prefer to keep my Facebook account mostly personal.
  • Reconnect with at least 2 old friends online or offline each month

5) Create a Detailed Plan for Networking which should include

  • 3-5 Long term goals (i.e. To meet and interact with board level contacts that can help raise money for next product.)
  • 6-10 Short term goals (i.e. To meet and learn from SEO experts to help launch next product.)
  • Specifically allocated time slots in your schedule for networking
  • Specifically allocated time slots in your schedule for learning new networking technologies/sites like Twitter

Now go forth and network.  You can start by networking with me here:

Good luck and as always Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail!

Joe Lavelle

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