Eliminate Professional Poisons

by Joe Lavelle on July 13, 2009

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We teach our children from a young age to avoid the poisonous substances that exist in our homes.  There are even neon skull and crossbones stickers that we can slap on kitchen cleaners, medicine bottles, and air fresheners to drive home the point in an obvious way to those young eyes.  As we get older, we continue to be vigilant against the poisons in our lives.  When we buy a new home, the building inspector will test every room for asbestos and other harmful substances.  We may choose to sever personal relationships that poison our self-confidence and emotional well-being.  If a disease strikes our body, we hopefully take the steps recommended by our doctor to improve our health.  The same focus on eliminating poisons needs to be given to our professional environments.

Certain business practices, the overall culture of an office, or particular people can have a poisonous effect on our productivity.  When you first enter a new office environment, you bring a fresh set of eyes to discover any possible ways in which an operation is being poisoned.  Those who have been with a company for years may simply have become accustomed to the status quo.  Here is your chance to get noticed and make a positive difference!  If you are in management, do not be afraid to reprimand or let go employees who are not working for the good of the business.  If you are an employee looking to make a great first impression, first make sure that you are not contributing to the poison and then humbly offer some suggestions for office morale when the moment seems right.  Your desire to create a more effective team, and to recognize your own part in this effort, will be noticed.

Getting rid of poison is just one of many actions that I advise for people during their first ninety days at a new job.  In my new book Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, I share ideas for success in those initial months and for the years that follow.  I want to help you put your career on fast-forward and find that professional satisfaction you are craving.  I hope you will check out my book!  Also, I would love to hear from you and discuss how I might be able to help you personally!

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