Good Coaches Are Essential in Any Profession

by Joe Lavelle on July 20, 2009

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phil jackson

Think about some of the most successful and respected coaches in professional sports.  Phil Jackson is one man who certainly comes to mind.  He has won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and four with the Los Angeles Lakers, the most recent coming just this year.  He is known as the “Zen master” of basketball coaching and was named one of the ten greatest coaches in the history of the sport.  He is known for always challenging his players, whether it be through new defensive strategies, motivational illustrations in the locker room, or handing them books to read during long flights.  In my home of Boston, you won’t find too many people who argue against Bill Belichick as being one of the best coaches of all time.  He has been Coach of the Year twice and won three Super Bowl championships with the New England Patriots.  Belichick is known for being a devoted and ongoing student of the game, and his ability to mentor the coaches who work for him is evident by the fact that eleven of his assistants have gone on to be head coaches in either the NFL or on a college campus.

So, what is the connection between these famous sports coaches and your professional success?  No matter your field, mentoring and coaching should be an essential component of your career acceleration strategy.  An employee who receives strong guidance and support will feel more of a connection to the company and therefore tend to stay longer and work harder.  This person also will be better prepared to help the business thrive with new ideas and dedication.  The relationship is beneficial to the mentor as well.  If you are a supervisor and you have the opportunity to work with new employees, you likely will find that you regain a feeling of comfort with the fundamentals of your job and you also have the opportunity to guide workers in the direction that you wish to see your company go.

If your business does not already have a mentoring program in place, why don’t you take the initiative and suggest such an effort to someone in your human resources department?  The suggestion for bettering your company will be remembered and the potential for greater success for your company will skyrocket!

I have personally benefited greatly from great mentors taking me under their wing and from mentoring others and you can do the same with only  a little effort.   If you need help getting started then contact me with any questions.  I would love to hear from you!

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