Join Me and Tim Sanders in Saving the World at Work, Part I

by Joe Lavelle on September 17, 2009

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Tim Sanders Saving the World At Work

I am just finishing Tim Sanders’ book Saving the World and Work and I am so fired up.  For those of you that don’t know Tim, he is the best-selling author of two of my favorite books, Love is the Killer App and The Likeability Factor.  In Saving the World at Work, Tim tells us that “social responsibility will be the new king” and that companies that don’t embrace social responsibility will go the way of Braniff Airlines, Woolworth, and Commodore Computers.  In fact, Tim tells that in seven out of ten cases, companies with high social responsibility quotients crushed their just-for-profit competitors in the same period, as measured by profits or by market share.  Tim is currently re-releasing Saving the World at Work, since it was first released last September when the economy took of our focus of everything but economic survival.  I hope that you will buy it too.

In this two post series, I will share:

  • This Post – a few easy changes my family has made that you can make as well with little effort
  • Next Post – easy changes you can make at work to make it a great place to work.

Please make these little changes that my family has already made.

Use Energy-efficient compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs)

Energy Efficient Light BulbsThree years ago, I saw a story about how GE and Wal-Mart were teaming to “change the world” by providing light bulbs that would last 5 times the longer than regular light bulbs and use 25% of the energy of regular light bulbs.  The story told that “If Wal-Mart achieves its 100-million-bulb goal, the electricity savings will equal the removal of 1.3 million automobiles from the road, or the closure of two-coal powered energy plants.”   My family started by replacing the 3 light bulbs in our kitchen, but writing this post is inspiring me to replace the bulbs in all the lamps and light fixtures throughout our house.

Use Canvas Shopping Bags

Canvas Shopping BagIn January 2008, I happened to see Matt Lauer do a Today Show segment where he “accosts shoppers at Manhattan grocery store to berate them about using plastic and paper bags”.  Matt taught me that we are clogging up our landfills by disposing of 100 billion plastic bags every year which was the equivalent of “taking 12 million barrels of oil and dumping it down the drain.”

I was so inspired that I immediately insisted that my family purchase reusable canvas bags to use anytime we shop for groceries.  We each keep the bags in our car and we use them religiously.

Take Full Advantage of Your Local Recycling Capabilities

Earlier this summer, our Nanny persuaded us to take full advantage of the recycling facilities in our very “green” New England town.  Prior to her re-engineering our garbage process, we wheeled two full 80 gallon garbage cans to the curb each Wednesday for pickup.  Now, we wheel one  80 gallon can that is 50% full each week.  And our Nanny and my son take a monthly trip to the recycling center.  The good news for my son is he gets to keep the money from the aluminum cans which he puts in his bank to save for the next  engine that he wants for his Thomas the Tank Engine set.  I am sure that our Nanny would want to credit her prior charge, Elizabeth, who is a sophomore at Connecticut College.   We are so proud of her role as what Tim Sanders calls a “Savior Soldier”.  Elizabeth nudged us to do the right thing and we are grateful and proud.

What little things have you implemented that the rest of us should be doing?

Let us all know as I am highly motivated and can’t wait to do more!!!

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