Businessman Finds Way to Feed Kids in Tanzania

by Joe Lavelle on October 6, 2009

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I like to take some time on this blog periodically to focus on entrepreneurs who are giving back with their time, money, and talents.  We all made it to our current position in life with assistance from others, so it is always encouraging to see when professionals recognize that all of us are a part of a larger community.  When we help others achieve greater success, we are also creating better environments for ourselves.

I recently read an article by George Namkung detailing his work in the African nation of Tanzania.  A trip that he originally made to enjoy a safari and climb Mount Kilimanjaro to celebrate his 60th birthday quickly became a much different experience.  He was invited by his row mate on his international flight, the minister of water and wildlife development for Tanzania, to tour a school.  He discovered children trying to learn in an environment in which the building was falling apart and school supplies were in short supply.

In the article, Namkung shared that the importance of education in his own life was critical to the founding and success of his promotional-toy company, Namkung Promotions Inc., and he wanted to create the same opportunity for others.  He founded Kids of Kilimanjaro, which provides hot lunches to around 13,000 kids every day.  It’s well-known that a full belly goes a long way in putting kids in the right frame of mind to learn.  George Namkung is a great example of the fact that just one person can make a huge impact in the lives and futures of thousands of children.

I believe that your focus should always be on how you can help others and not searching for the ways that people can help you.  Those who choose to extend their hand in service will discover a benefit one way or another.

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Many of you have found your own ways to give back, or know some inspiring stories of people who have made a difference.  Please share your examples here.  Let’s learn from one another and renew our efforts to get involved.

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