All I Want for Christmas is a New Job

by Joe Lavelle on December 8, 2009

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I am sure that all of us have a long list of things we need to complete during this busy holiday season.  There are presents to be purchased and wrapped, greeting cards to send, parties to attend, and lights that are certain to be the envy of the entire neighborhood to be hung.  However, I wonder how many of you have thought of another to-do item that is often overlooked during this time of year … look for a new job!  If you are unhappy in your current position or just want to find a job that is more in line with your professional goals, now is a great time to start the search.

The CNN website recently posted a story detailing why the holiday season is actually prime job hunting time.  First, you do not have as much competition.  Many others who also may have been applying for a particular position at any other time of year are busy with all of their holiday festivities.  If you are interested in a managerial track in retail, why not start with a seasonal job?  Impress your employer with your work ethic in December, and you may find a permanent position being offered to you in January.  And, finally, don’t forget all of those holiday parties!  What a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and network.  I’m not saying that you need to shove your resume in someone’s face as he approaches the punch bowl, but just keep in mind that you never know when you will meet a person who could change the direction of your career.

I would be interested in hearing from those of you who are involved in the hiring process:

Do you agree that December is a great time to look for a new job?

What advice would you offer to job seekers during the holiday season?

For those who want to learn a variety of ways that you can accelerate your career starting today, I hope you will read my new book Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail.  Maybe you will be settling into your new office by the end of the year!

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