Is Your 2010 Plan Ready?

by Joe Lavelle on December 11, 2009

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We all know that the start of a new year is a great time to begin new endeavors, change our lifestyles, and look at our life from an all-around different angle.  Small business owners comprise an important group of people who must always be looking for possibilities of re-invention.  In this tough economy, you need to be ready to adapt your goods or services to customers who are carefully deciding how to spend every dollar.  And, if you want to make the most out of 2010 in terms of your professional success, you cannot wait until the ball drops on Times Square to start developing your plan of action.  What you plan to achieve in 2010, and how you plan to achieve it, needs to be given your attention now.

On his blog, Intrepid LLC, Todd Schnick, recently posted a great wake-up call for small businesses entitled, “Don’t Be a Part of This 2010 Marketing Conversation …”  In the post, Todd creates a hypothetical meeting between a small business owner and a consultant as a way of sharing the importance of thinking strategically and creating a well-reasoned and aggressive plan for success.

Here are two of the question and answer scenarios that Todd depicts to share a lesson with his readers:

Consultant: “Let’s review your social media plan. Did you accomplish your goals?”

Typical small business person: “What? Social media strategy? You can do that?

Consultant: “What good marketing books did you read this year? Did you find any great marketing blogs to help you learn new things?”

Typical small business person: “No, but I think I learned some cool advertising stuff watching Mad Men

These short outtakes from Todd’s post offer two great pieces of advice, which I also share in my new book.  First, take advantage of social networking outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  I have several previous posts on this blog sharing some Dos and Don’ts in this online world.  Also, you should never stop learning about your profession and how to be a better advocate for your work.  Do you know the latest marketing ideas in your field to attract new clients?

I hope you will read Todd’s entire post as well as my new book, Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, and then ask yourself, “Am I ready for my career or business to skyrocket in 2010?  If not, what steps should I take right now?”

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