Please Don’t Forget Our Heroes

by Joe Lavelle on December 4, 2009

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I regularly download USA Today and the Wall Street Journal to my Kindle to read on my travel days.  Last night, when reading USA Today on my way from Boise to Salt Lake City, I was particularly struck by the daily feature that updates casualties from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am not sure why it struck me, but my mental note was “Eff, we are losing too many men and women” and I am not sure that we Americans know how we can express our gratitude for all those that serve our country, especially during this holiday season.

Later, on my flight from Salt Lake City to Boston, I decided to watch a movie by (six degrees from) Kevin Bacon.  The movie was actually a made-for-HBO movie named “ Taking Chance“.  It turned out to be a story about a Marine colonel that had a desk job in Quantico that was inspired to escort a deceased private back to his hometown because they shared the same hometown.  It was a great movie, but not for the faint of heart.  I am not a big crier, but had tears in my eyes most of the way through.

My friend Tony - safely back home now!

My friend Tony - safely back home now!

Anyway, I just have a simple message in today’s blog:

PLEASE don’t forget the brave soldiers that are fighting for us and those that  have already completed tours like my friend Tony Carter, who just returned from a tour in Afghanistan.   Take the time to let a soldier know how much you appreciate their service when you see one.  Find a way to contribute back to them for the large contributions they and their families make.  My wife and I choose to support Homes for Our Troops and I would encourage you to do the same.  However, it would only take a few short minutes on Google to find many other ways you can give even a little of your time and/or money to show your appreciation.

Thanks in advance for however you decide to contribute and God Bless those who serve our great country!

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