Tragic Events in Haiti Remind Us That We Are All Connected

by Joe Lavelle on January 18, 2010

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Haiti Earthquake

With each breaking news story that comes from the devastated country of Haiti, we learn more about the magnitude of destruction that can be caused simply by the earth deciding to shake for a few seconds.  At the minimum, tens of thousands of men, women, and children are presumed dead.  An untold number have lost their homes and all of their belongings.  I imagine you would be hard pressed to meet one person in Haiti who did not lose a family member or dear friend to the natural disaster.  Hospitals, relief organizations, and emergency vehicles have been decimated to the point that many of the injured, for now, simply have to live with their wounds untended.

Events such as the one unfolding in Haiti put a spotlight on horrific human suffering and the effect that poverty can have on a country’s ability to help its own citizens.  At the same time, such disasters also remind us of the kindness of the human spirit and the desire we all feel to be a part of a greater community.  Everyone wants to know how they can help the people of Haiti.  Where can we send money?  Supplies?  Is there a way our business can do something as a concerted effort among employees?

CNN has posted an extensive list of organizations that are accepting donations that will go directly to relief efforts in Haiti.  These groups include the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, and many others.  I hope that you will consider you and/or your business may be able to help.

Have you found a way to get involved in Haiti’s recovery process?  Is there an organization you recommend as a safe and effective place to send money and other assistance?  Please let us know in the Comments section!

I have written many times before about the importance of giving back.  Sometimes this means offering advice to the new guy in your office.  Other times it can involve volunteering your time at a community center.  Some times, the only thing you can do is to simply send money.  In this instance, your efforts may make the difference between life and death.

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