Winter Olympians Offer Examples for Success

by Joe Lavelle on February 23, 2010

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The Winter Olympics are underway in Vancouver and, assuming the officials at the Games can truck in enough snow to compensate for the unexpectedly warm and rainy weather in Canada, we are certain to see some amazing displays of athleticism over the next couple of weeks.  (Note to Vancouver:  Just about every state in our country has snow to offer.  Take your pick.)

Of course, I cannot help but think of the ways in which this global event offers us insight into how we can create our own professional success.  Here is what I mean:

1. Work hard. The figure skaters who are going to be standing during the medal ceremony didn’t roll into the rink after a leisurely brunch every morning.  They often woke up before dawn to devote the hours needed to craft skills that would compete at the highest possible level.

2. Craft a memorable image. Let’s be honest, it’s not just the competition we remember, but also the personalities of the athletes who participate.  Why do you think NBC devotes so much time to those human interest stories?  We are drawn to those unique individuals with a fascinating story to tell.  Of course, you need to be careful that the image you are developing is a positive one.  Tonya Harding, anyone?

3. Be responsible for your own performance. When a true champion falls short of his own expectations, you will not hear “That other skater tripped me coming around the last turn!” or “The ice was too slick for the puck to get in the net!”  Instead, an athlete who strives to be the best will acknowledge errors and let you know how he will do better next time.

So, are you excited for the Winter Olympics?  What is your sport of choice–the luge, curling, bobsledding, or one of a variety of other sports we only get to see once every four years?  Let us know if you’ve been watching!

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