Asking for Customer Feedback Makes a Difference

by Joe Lavelle on April 9, 2010

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I doubt that I could ever run out of blog entries that revolve around the importance of relationships in your professional advancement.  Building connections with other human beings will always mean more to your career than the degrees that hang on your wall or the number of overtime hours you clocked on the weekend (although these items certainly can help as well).  Whether you are networking at an annual conference for your specific industry or greeting someone with a warm smile as they enter your place of business, every moment you have with another person matters.

I came across a great story on the CNNMoney website that shares one’s company story of working to build a better relationship with its customers.  Twiddy & Company is a firm that connects people planning vacations with beach rentals available on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  They discovered that people were visiting the firm’s website but quickly exiting.  What were potential clients not getting from the website that would make them stay?

Twiddy & Company decided to hire Kampyle Feedback Analytics to develop a customer feedback tool.  With the information provided by Kampyle, Twiddy made some improvements to its site and visitors now spend 8% more time viewing properties and the site logs a 20% increase in page views per visit.  The “look-to-book” ratio also has increased greatly.

Jon Summerton, a company vice president with Twiddy, readily acknowledges that simply asking customers what they thought and then responding to the feedback has made a huge difference.  People like to know they are being heard.  Showing genuine attention to a customer’s needs and frustrations is a surefire way to establish trust and hopefully begin a long-standing relationship.

What are some other examples of companies listening to their clients and seeing a positive effect on profits and customer loyalty as a result?  Have you enjoyed such an experience in your own professional history?  Share with us!

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