What do Others Think of Your Job Performance?

by Joe Lavelle on June 7, 2010

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When you ask the question, “How has my job performance been lately?” are you always looking in a mirror?  Sure, self-reflection and assessment is important.  We all need to learn to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses.  You are not, however, going to optimize your chances for professional improvement if you do not ask others for their honest feedback concerning your work.

It does not matter if you are sixteen years old and just started your first job as a stock person  at the local grocery store or you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company–you have room for improvement and career growth.  In Alexandra Levit’s blog, Water Cooler Wisdom, a recent post points out several important sources of information concerning our job performance.  As she thoughtfully explains, you are missing an opportunity if you do not periodically check in with superiors, subordinates, clients, and mentors to find out what they think you are doing well and the areas in which you still need some growth.

Alexandra warns against asking for feedback too often.  You do not want to enter your boss’ office every time you send a fax and ask if you dialed the number with precision and style.  Otherwise, you soon will find “annoying and insecure” written on your evaluation.  But, you should be proactive in seeking the opinion of others and being genuine in your respect for, and interest in, their thoughts.  The feedback you seek will be even more valuable if you have set specific goals and are seeking feedback on your progress toward those goals!

Please check out Alexandra Levit’s entire piece, as she shares some great details concerning why a diverse set of feedback is important and ways that you can go about collecting information about how your professional efforts are viewed by others.

If you are looking for ideas on how to improve your job performance and earn those great comments that you want, I hope you contact me.  In my many years of work as a professional coach I have developed several unique tools and approaches which will help you accelerate your career and reach amazing levels of success.

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