Do You Have a Bucket List? Here’s Some Inspiration for One from Todd Schnick!

by Joe Lavelle on August 27, 2010

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Recently my friend Todd Schnick wrote a post that inspired many of his followers to create their “bucket lists” and to make them public.  Todd led by example by publishing his own bucket list.  I am sure that most of you already know what a bucket list is, but for those that don’t, it is a list of things that you want to accomplish or experience before you die.  To be honest, when I first read Todd’s post I was troubled because I wanted to take up the challenge of publishing my own bucket list, but I have been VERY LUCKY to have already experienced many of the things that I wanted to on my bucket list.  So I waited…  I waited for others to publish their lists, like this one from another of Todd’s fans (@marisasharpe) …  And I waited for inspiration on how to create a meaningful bucket list when I have been so fortunate to have experienced many of the things on my bucket list already.

And it finally came as I read and re-read Todd’s post.  It turns out that Todd has already experienced the first item on his list, which was to run a half marathon.  So he just represented item number one by crossing it out as completed.  Great! I will do the same for the experiences on my list that I have been lucky enough to have already accomplished.

So here it is, my “bucket list”

  1. Get accepted to and graduate from college with an engineering degree, paying my own way   done!
  2. Play shortstop for the Yankees – Ok, so I got this on a technicality by attending Yankee Fantasy Camp, see Randy Pausch’s lecture on achieving on technicalities!
  3. Own/drive a Porsche done!
  4. Become a CIO by age 30 done!
  5. Travel the USA and the world – done! I have been to 48 states and over 20 countries
  6. Become a career coach done!
  7. Live on the water done!
  8. Write a Book done!
  9. Run a marathon done!
  10. Become debt free done!
  11. Learn to play guitar
  12. Learn to speak Spanish
  13. Be a little league coach
  14. Own a batting cage/child learning center
  15. Help at least 5 people per year to accomplish an item on their bucket list
  16. Help at least 5 people per year to get promoted or a new and better job
  17. Regularly inspire others to run marathons/exercise/live healthy lifestyle
  18. Go back to Yankee Fantasy Camp when my son is old enough to enjoy it with me
  19. Surprise my wife with a fabulous “once in a lifetime” vacation

At 44 years old, I am half way through my bucket list concentrating mostly on “me” items.  I hope that I am as successful attaining the rest of my list, especially on the items where others clearly benefit more than me!  Please don’t miss an important point that I am trying to make here; I accomplished these things because I set specific goals, I wrote the goals down and held myself accountable at least yearly.  So whether you want to call it a bucket list, or a list of goals, or whatever else you want to call it …  create your list, create action plans for each item, hold yourself accountable, and experience the joy and satisfaction of accomplishment!  If you need help, contact me, I will be happy to get you started.

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