The J-E-T-S Are Watching You!

by Joe Lavelle on September 28, 2010

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Here’s another piece of technology that the New York Jets may want to keep hidden from the eyes of those in the New England Patriots organization.  While the newly installed command center at the New Meadowlands Stadium may not make Mark Sanchez throw more touchdowns or keep Bill Belichick from showing a little too much interest in team practices, the Jets’ owners are hoping that the system will improve their fans’ experience and increase profits.

The Jets have just become the first professional sports franchise to gather real-time data on available parking spaces, food and beverage sales, popular pieces of merchandise, and which sections of the stands are sold out.  With this information, the Jets organization will be able to create a better traffic flow for the fans who come to watch the game,  make sure that beer taps don’t run dry, and adjust prices on certain items if sales quotas are not being met.

There are a couple of questions that will need to be answered as this command center evolves over the season:

1. Will it be effective in improving visitors’ impression of the Jets what a game at the New Meadowlands has to offer?

2. Will these New York fans take issue with their every move being known with a simple touchscreen application?

The success of this data gathering is yet to be known, but it offers a great example of an initiative being taken that may possibly result in happier customers and more money for the organization.  Regardless of your specific industry, these are probably two of your goals as well!

Do you see any merit to such a command center to gather data in your business?

What do you think about the idea of such technology being implemented at the stadium or arena where you cheer on your favorite team?

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