Whose Shoes Are You Filling?

by Joe Lavelle on September 29, 2010

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I have featured several posts on this blog that offer advice concerning the all-important job interview, from wearing the right clothes to selling your experience and potential to thanking your potential employers in the days following your meeting. However, you never can have too much great advice when it comes to preparing for an interview that may mean a huge step forward in your career. A recent article on CNN’s website offers some great tips that you may not have considered before.

Bill Byham, co-founder and CEO of Development Dimensions International, a human resources consulting firm, was asked about the strategy he teaches his job-seeking clients, which he calls “targeted selection.”

One interesting idea he offers is to make sure you know your predecessors. Do you stop to think about why the person who previously held the job for which you are applying is no longer there? If this person was fired, you need to know the reason. As Byham explains, if the previous employee had problems meeting deadlines, you are going to be asked a lot of questions about your ability to meet deadlines. Employers don’t want to make the same mistake twice. So, do your research and learn how you can prove to the people interviewing you that you will provide the skills that someone before you was lacking.

I recommend that you check out the entire short but informative article, as Byham’s advice is tested and effective.

Have you taken the time to learn about your predecessor before heading into an interview? If so, did you find that your research helped you when it came to answering the questions you faced?

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