Are You Planning to Retire?

by Joe Lavelle on October 15, 2010

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Through my work as a career coach and an advocate of building those relationships which will advance your professional growth, my time is spent helping people reach their vision of success in their chosen field.  I like to know what you see as the markers of your success and then help develop the tools that will get you to that point.  But, do you also have a vision of what life will look like after you are done working?  Do you see retirement years filled with golf, world travels, or more quality time with the grandkids?  Maybe not.  Perhaps you are one of a growing number of workers who don’t imagine retiring at all.

In 1998, just under twelve percent of workers age 65 or over remained in the work force.  That number is expected to jump to twenty-two percent by 2018.  While in some instances men and women have to keep working due to a difficult economy and a lack of savings, there are many who simply want to keep working.  This is particularly true of wealthy members of our workforce, with more than half of the members of the group indicating that they intend to keep working for as long as possible.

People are living longer, healthier lives and want to have the continued mental engagement offered by a job and the social interaction that usually accompanies a day at work.  It seems that the days of wearing a “Retired” ball cap at age 65 and quietly enjoying the “golden years” are becoming a way of the past.

Have you thought about your own retirement?  Do you look forward to the opportunity to get out of the office and enjoy some other experiences that you have been putting off?  Or, is the idea of retiring someday a foreign concept to you?

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