Overwhelming Majority of College Graduates Returning Home After Graduation

by Joe Lavelle on October 19, 2010

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While I knew the trend of college students returning home  to live with their parents has been on the rise, I read a statistic recently that really surprised me.  According to Twentysomething.com, a marketing and research firm based in Philadelphia, 85% of graduates went back to living with Mom and Dad after finishing school in May of this year.  That number is up nearly twenty percent in just the past four years!  Many of these adults are staying in their childhood homes for a year or more.

The difficult employment environment is certainly a factor for this decision to return to the nest, especially considering the unemployment rate is around 15% for people in their early twenties.  However, this factor alone is not enough to account for the overwhelming number of students who are willing to accept the watchful eyes of parents and possibly the same twin bed they slept in ten years ago instead of a place of their own.  As David Morrison of Twentysomething.com said, “Even if they have jobs, they are living at home.”

So, why are so many young men and women living back at home with their college degrees in hand?  The stigma that used to be associated with this choice seems to have disappeared.  Is that a good thing, or a sign of a problem?

What impact could the decision not to achieve full independence in his personal life have on a young worker’s ability to advance professionally?

This is a controversial topic that hits home (literally) for many people and I would love to hear your thoughts.  Perhaps you are even a parent or child involved in such a living arrangement right now.  If so, what are the circumstances that led to this decision and how it is working for your family?

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