Dear Newly Elected

by Joe Lavelle on November 3, 2010

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Dear New Politicians

You are well aware that we already don’t trust you.  The only thing that you can do to earn our trust and confidence is ANYTHING that will create new jobs.  Spending on pork barrel projects will get you a one way ticket back home at your next election as evidenced by last night.  Voting in favor of the special interests that financed your campaign will get you a ticket home as well.  Get busy … don’t give us rhetoric  … GIVE US JOBS (that means make it easy for small, medium and large business to create jobs) … and make the USA something we can be proud of once again!

<dismount soap box>

Note:  I rarely post my political opinions and in fact I often coach people not to discuss their political opinions publicly.  Please forgive me if I offend you ….

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