Do You Feel Trapped?

by Joe Lavelle on March 14, 2011

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Sometimes accelerating your career and making a mark in the field for which you have a true passion means striking out and starting your own business.  If you have a great concept and the entrepreneurial spirit to partner with it, you may find the independent route to be the best option.  Regardless of how much of a trailblazer you consider yourself to be, it still makes sense to learn from others who have created similar paths in their own careers.

Craig Wolfe used to work in the field of animation marketing and now makes rubber ducks that look like famous people for his company CelebriDucks.  When he decided to move forward with this idea and start the business out of his home, he learned some lessons that he is now happy to share with others.  Wolfe offered three pieces of advice to the FOX Business website, and the third piece that he offers really spoke to the important idea of learning from difficulties (and to “acting as if…”) –business owners should never put themselves in a position where they feel trapped.

If one aspect of your professional endeavour does not work out as you anticipated, don’t throw up your hands and declare the attempt a failure.  Instead, Wolfe insists that a successful business owner needs to look at the setback as an moment “ripe with potential.”  He insists that this outlook should be taught in business school, as adversity often yields our greatest output.  I could not agree more about failures really just being stepping stones to future successes!

I recommend that you read the entire article and learn what else Craig Wolfe recommends for those thinking of starting their own business.

Have you ever been at a point in your professional life where you felt trapped?  Did you use that opportunity, once the fear or anger passed, to further your career?

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