Exercise Like a CEO!

by Joe Lavelle on May 31, 2011

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What are some exercises that you do on a regular basis to keep your mind focused and ready to tackle the newest challenge or opportunity that develops in your career?  Maybe you read The Wall Street Journal every day or make it a priority to read one trade journal every week or just engage in conversation when someone more knowledgeable than you about your profession so that you develop in the field.

Here’s a question that I think is just as important for your career — what do you do routinely to exercise your body?  We must keep our physical selves strong in order to maintain our mental acuity.  And, besides that, running or swimming or throwing a ball is simply a great way to relieve some of the stress that a high-pressure job can create.

You may have noticed that I keep track my cardio workouts on this blog for all to see.  That’s not to brag about the number of miles I run in a week, but to hold myself accountable in a very public way to taking care of my health.  I know that I need to be in the best shape possible for my career, for my personal ambitions and, most importantly, for my family.  And, if I remind you to hop on the treadmill after work today, that’s great, too.

The CNNMoney website recently posted a long list of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who were standout athletes in high school or college and who continue a life dedicated to fitness today.  For example, the CEO of Boeing, W.James McNerney Jr., was a three-year varsity baseball player at Yale.  Edward B. Rust Jr, the CEO of State Farm Insurance, was a stand-out wrestler in college and was also a starter on the football team.  These men are dedicated to the idea of physical fitness, which I have no doubt played a role in the success they enjoy today.

Inspire us!  Do you run marathons?  Swim at the local YMCA in the mornings before work?  Run around with the kids at the local park every weekend?  Tell us what you do to make sure that your body is staying as fit as your mind.


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