Do You Leave Work Behind When You Go on Vacation?

by Joe Lavelle on July 11, 2011

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We are well into summer now and I wonder how many of you have already taken your summer vacation, if you plan to take that kind of break at all?  Have you braved the heat of Disney World with the kids or spent a week lounging by the ocean on a gorgeous Caribbean island or maybe even gone touring around the French countryside?   And, here is one more question for you.  Did you work while you were away from work?

In a day and time that we can reach the office from nearly any location in the world, it is not uncommon for professionals to use their Blackberry or laptop to check on progress at work.  But, a recent survey by Harris Interactive found that around 65 percent of workers intend to leave all work behind when they head out for vacation this year.  It is encouraging to know that so many of us apparently have the ability to leave work duties behind and simply relax once in a while.  Thirteen percent will be expected to work and another either eighteen percent need to be available in case of an emergency.

I am a big advocate of working hard but also playing hard.  Our bodies and spirits need time to recharge and our families deserve our undivided attention sometimes.  You will be a better employee and leader in your office if you give yourself some time to let it all go.  I understand this is not always possible, and you certainly would not want to jeopardize your professional future by skipping out and going surfing for two weeks at a critical time, but try to carve out at least some time that involves no work obligations.

Are you able to leave work behind when you go on vacation, or is part of you always anxious to check emails and make contact with someone back in the office?

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