Taking a Break When You’re the Boss

by Joe Lavelle on March 21, 2012

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How many of you have sat in an uncomfortable standard-issue office chair, looked out the window at the asphalt parking lot that is your daily view, and imagined a life in which you were your own boss and made your own rules?  The notion of being self-employed exists in most people with an entrepreneurial spirit and it has many wonderful advantages.  You set your hours, your work location is often flexible, and you have control (well, somewhat) over the direction and ultimate success of your chosen venture.  But, as many of us have enjoyed time with our families during the holiday season, there is another factor to consider — can you take a break from work when you are the only one running the show?

Some business owners recently shared with Fortune magazine how they manage to take some time for themselves without causing long-term damage to relationships with their clients and to their careers.  For example, self-employed professionals must plan ahead.  if you can decide months in advance when you want to take a vacation, you can arrange project deadlines and notify customers appropriately.  Or, you may need to accept the fact that some small time may need to be designated to work even during the week or two that you just want to relax. There’s always the option of just leaving for a while and accepting the consequences, deciding that life is short and you need to make play a priority sometimes.

I know that many of you reading this post are self-employed and run businesses that are thriving.  Hopefully, you have had the chance to relax with family and friends over the holidays.  So, what’s your advice?  How can you be your own boss and just let things go for a few days every now and again?

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Todd SchnickNo Gravatar March 21, 2012 at 8:38 pm

when you do what you love, you don’t need vacation, or breaks, or to find life-balance. that said, you do need to find time to do things that recharge the spirit, freshen batteries…

for me, i run.

now…i ain’t no distance runner like lavelle, but my sojourns of solitude on the street are where i get my peace….


SusanNo Gravatar March 22, 2012 at 3:01 pm

Holidays are still important even if you’re running your own business. All that work, you deserve a few days of not doing anything and just enjoying yourself. You need to be really organized and to plan ahead if you’re going on holiday. Get everything out of the way so you’re not fretting about work when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Inform your clients that you’ll be gone and unreachable during that time. Set an autoresponse in your e-mail to let people know that you’ll get back to them when you, well, get back.


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