What Kind of Leader Should Our President Be?

by Joe Lavelle on September 10, 2012

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While there is an understandable hesitation to delve into the world of politics no matter the platform, it makes sense that one of the most natural places to discuss the men (at least this year it is men) who wish to lead our country is on a blog that features issues of leadership and entrepreneurial traits.  So, with the conventions for both parties taking place over the next couple of weeks, now seems like a good time to reflect on some of the characteristics we look for in our political leaders.

“She will run this country like a business” — Does the United States need a CEO?  When, according to polls, the primary concern among Americans is the economy and job opportunities, should we be looking for a no-nonsense leader who knows how to look at the numbers and make calculated decisions?

“He is the kind of guy you could have a beer with” — Do we want our president to be relatable?  Do you like the idea of our country’s leader being the type of person you could join on a couple of bar stools with some wings and enjoy the game on Sunday?

“He is a great communicator” — We have had some presidents who have been masters with words, who could console the country in times of tragedy, make us excited for the future during times of transition, and convince us that their vision for the future was the right one for our nation.  Is it possible that other leaders with grand ideas have gotten overlooked because of their inability to communicate their message?

“She has gravitas” — Whether it’s an Ivy League degree, a successful stint as a diplomat, or impressive publications that have been quoted around the globe, we like to point to our leaders’ accomplishments.  These resume bullet points make us feel better about placing our trust in them.

What are your thoughts on the statements above?  What else do you often hear said about a candidate on the campaign trail?  What characteristics mean the most to you?

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