Time to Harvest

by Joe Lavelle on October 12, 2012

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Whether or not the temperatures on the thermostat or leaves on the trees look like it, autumn is officially here.  The time has come for trips with the kids to the pumpkin patch, the annual influx of candy corn at every local drug store, and maybe even the opportunity for a bonfire with friends on a crisp night.  One of the most important activities that takes place during this season is harvesting.  Farmers have spent months planting and watering and nurturing their crops, which was particularly difficult in this drought-filled year, and now the moment finally has come to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables!) of their labor.

Even if you don’t own hundred of acres in Nebraska or Missouri, it’s time for you to think about harvesting as well.  What are you going to do in this season to reap some of the benefits of your work this year?

Maybe you have been attending networking functions and meeting people of influence at charity events or just on the bleachers at your son’s baseball game.  It’s time to call the numbers on a few of those business cards you’ve been collecting and see what can come of those professional contacts.

Did you develop a new initiative for your company that has resulted in increased profits and client satisfaction?  This could be the week to remind your boss who proposed that change in the first place.

Have you been attending workshops or reading books or interviewing leaders in your field as a way of furthering your professional development?  You could consider compiling what you have learned into a website or article or book of your own.  Offer the world the information as seen through your now more experienced lens.

There are many ways to create a harvest in your career; the suggestions above are just a few.  What are some of your ideas?

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