Are You Eating Your Own Dog Food? These Guys Are…

by Joe Lavelle on April 21, 2009

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The term “eating your own dog food” has been passed down through the years. Some speculate that the term first began appearing after a television commercial for Alpo brand dog food which starred actor Lorne Greene. The claim of the commercial is that Greene was so confident in the Alpo product, he feeds his own dogs Alpo. The term grew in popularity in the technology sector when IT companies began using the term “eating your own dog food” to describe IT and software companies that used their own products and took their own advice. For example, if Microsoft uses Microsoft Office software on individual computers and used Microsoft software on their servers, Microsoft would be “eating its own dog food” because they are using the very products they make. By using their own products, services and/or advice, companies get an invaluable feedback mechanism and harsh critics that will enable the companies to drive sales and marketing more effectively and the company will ultimately feel truly proud about the products that they make. Are you using your own product, service or advice?  Many are not.  But I’d like to point out two people who have built their brand successfully and truly do appear to be eating their own dog food.

dan-schawbelDan Schawbel – Dan is a pioneer in the field of personal branding which has only been reinforced by the release of his new book Me 2.0.  Many people seek his thought leadership via his personal branding blog, magazine an web tv broadcasts.  He has done such a fine job of creating the “Dan Schawbel” brand that his book reached best seller status on in the first week.

tim-ferriss-2Tim Ferris – Tim has invented the field of lifestyle design and has taught many of us, especially me, how and where to find leverage so that we can work less and make more.  Tim clearly practices what he preaches as you can see by following his blog posts describing great mini-retirements and long vacations.  Tim has create a brand around his book “The 4-Hour Work Week” and he has leveraged that brand to his blog and far beyond.

Both Tim and Dan have inspired me and if you have not read their books or followed their blogs, go ahead and do it now.

Good luck and as always Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail!

Joe Lavelle

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