Cliff Notes for Successful Job Search

by Joe Lavelle on July 7, 2009

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Accelerate Your SuccessI was inspired by @ErinKennedyCPRW’s latest post to create a post that consolidates the best resources available in the Twittersphere and Blogospere to help you accelerate your job search. I am a new Tweeter and Blogger, but I have already discovered many fantastic career experts that have taught me more in the last six months than I learned in the first twenty years of my career. I hope you find this extremely valuable and that it helps you get the job you want more quickly.

Job Search Planning

Plan your job hunt from @Keppie_Careers

Jump Start Your Job Search from @StephanieALloyd

Get the Top 5 Priorities to Accelerate Your Job Search from @HCITJobs

Job hunting? Get yourself organized from

Prepare for a layoff before it happens from @JasonAlba

Resume Tips

Q + A: What would make a recruiter want to read my resume? from @StephanieALloyd

Edit your resume. It’s very impotent. :-) from @Keppie_Careers

You are never done with your resume from @Keppie_Careers

Writing your own Resume. Up to the Challenge? from @ErinkennedyCPRW

Job Seekers, get resume help here from @ErinKennedycprw

How long should your resume be? from @HCITConsultant

Resume tip Day! 10 Tips to Bulletproof your Resume from @HCITConsultant

10 Ways to Get Your Resume Tossed in the Trash from

Job Searching

Can You Find a Job On Twitter? from @Keppie_Careers

Why you didn’t get the job from @Keppie_Careers

How a Highly Successful Recruiter Uses Twitter for Recruiting from @StephanieALloyd

How to Find a Job in My Area? from @AlisonDoyle

Little Things That Make a Big Job Search Difference from @AlisonDoyle

Good story on Twitter for job search in today’s NYPost from @heymarci

My Favorite – Career Resource Listing

The 101 Best Twitter Job Search/Career Experts Plus 6 from @@JobHuntOrg

If you are still searching for answers, please feel free to contact me for additional assistance. Good luck and always Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail!

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