Are you Living the Dream?!?

by Joe Lavelle on August 28, 2009

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Living The DreamAre you living the dream?

I surely am!  Erin Kennedy’s recent blog post on choosing happiness reminded me of a lesson that was taught to me by the former CEO of First Consulting Group, Luther Nussbaum.  Anytime that Luther is asked “how are you?”, his response is “SUPER”.  Even when Luther is not having such a great day, you can observe his energy spike and a legitimate smile emerge.

I have completely plaguerized Luther’s habit, though I have modified it to suit my personality.   So when people ask me how I am doing, I proudly and energetically respond “living the dream!“; which I am even if I happen to be having a bad day.

To be perfectly honest I am a glass half empty person and my typical response to”how are you?” prior to stealing Luther’s habit was some sort of negative rant or complaint.  Initially, I was surprised and encouraged to observe that the outcomes of my conversations improved dramatically with this one simple adjustment.  Now I come to expect it and I relish the fact that I have the power to disarm someone that is naturally negative like I used to be and remind them that we are all pretty lucky in the big scheme of things.

Thanks to Erin for the reminder and to Luther for making me more effective!

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Please tell us all your strategies to encourage positive thinking in others.

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