Are You Taking Part in the Recession?

by Joe Lavelle on September 23, 2009

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I was flipping through radio stations the other day, and I happened upon The Dave Ramsey Show.  For those of you not familiar with Ramsey, he is a personal finance expert who advises people on their efforts to get out of debt.  He was speaking with a young man who had called into his program and shared the fact that he was working three jobs to make ends meet.  Dave Ramsey told him, “I’m proud of the fact that you have chosen not to take part in this recession!”  That concept struck me … I had never considered our nation’s poor economic condition as an environment in which you simply could choose not to live.  But, now that I’ve heard it, I love the idea!  It certainly is sometimes easier said than done, but how are you taking steps not to participate in the recession?

The CNN website recently featured an article entitled, “When the CEO heads back to the mail room,” which details the new roles being adopted by many small business owners.  I read about Nicole deBoom, founder of athletic clothing company SkirtSports, who had to learn how to print labels and ship packages herself.  Also featured was Nicholas Aguilera, a co-owner Diego & Son Printing, who has been forced to lay off family members and is now handling many of the everyday office tasks himself.  These entrepreneurs are just two examples of the changes that professionals across the country are making to their job descriptions.  Flexibility is now a must.

Jim King, state director for the New York Small Business Development Center, shared that, “In a small business — if the business is a successful business — you probably always have the manager rolling up their sleeves.”  Take this message to heart.  As you accelerate in your career and move to that nicer office, never decide that you are above taking on any task that will make your company better.  Keep yourself informed about all aspects of the business so that you are able to step in when needed.  It could make the difference in whether your business keeps its doors open or shuts them for good.

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