What is Your Team Position?

by Joe Lavelle on September 13, 2009

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OK, I know that I write a lot of posts that involve references to the sports world.  However, I think the connection between a professional athlete and a participant in the corporate world can be made rather quickly.  There is the obvious competition.  You are constantly battling other companies to develop the best product, the most impressive customer service, or the newest innovation for marketing your work.  Also, in both instances, there is the need to know your position.  A football team needs a quarterback, defensive linemen, and punters.  Each position has its own set of skills to learn and routines to practice.  The same holds true in an office.  A successful business needs an owner, sales people, human resource experts, accountants, and much more.  And, there is the all-important issue of public relations.  How will Michael Vick be received when he finally takes to the field in an Eagles uniform?  How will people talk about your  business if word spreads that you are not treating customers fairly?

With the National Football League starting its season this past weekend and college teams already staking claims for the BCS trophy, hockey players getting ready to take the ice, and baseball heading into the playoffs, there is no shortage of sports action.  While watching your favorite team, why don’t you think about how your favorite sport has similarities to your chosen profession?  I am sure you can think of many more examples than the ones I provided above.  I hope you will share them with us here!

In my upcoming book, Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, I discuss the life and work of Roger Staubach.  Known as Captain Comeback during his championship seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, Roger is at least as impressive with the work he has done in the business world since hanging up his cleats.  Any sports team or corporate board room would benefit from having plenty of men and women who share the work ethic and character of Roger Staubach.   I hope you will read my book when it is released and discover the lessons that we can learn from Roger Staubach for yourself.

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