Be More Than “Reality TV” Authentic

by Joe Lavelle on October 20, 2009

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We all sat glued to our television screens as a contraption that resembled a Jiffy Pop container soared through the Western skies.  The newscasters informed us that a six-year-old boy might be along for the ride, after he supposedly released the flying object from his parents’ backyard.  The boy was discovered to be hiding in his own attic after a couple hours of frantic searching, but the story does not end there.  It now appears that the parents developed the entire incident as a hoax in order to gain publicity for a possible reality show.

This family is simply the latest in a series of people who want to make their mark through participation in “reality” television.  The problem is, there is hardly anything real about these shows at all.  The situations are staged, sponsors provide the products seen on camera, and there are even second takes when a scripted conversation does not play out according to direction.

There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be known for something.  In fact, I encourage all of you to leave a lasting mark in your chosen profession.  However, don’t you want your image to be authentic?

As I have mentioned previously on this blog, developing trust is essential when you are making a name for yourself.  Clients, co-workers, and employers want to know that you are being honest about your skills and your intentions.  Your reputation will be built largely on your ability to set high expectations for yourself and then show others your ability to surpass these goals.   If you are not being true about who you are, the facade will crumble sooner or later and the damage to your reputation will be difficult to repair.

In my new book, Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, I share a lot of pointers about crafting your professional image and achieving every career goal that you set.  I hope you will read it and be able to cater its message and advice into the development of your authentic self!

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