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by Joe Lavelle on October 11, 2009

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cash for blogging - fcc  rulingWell, apparently I am missing out. After reading the recent FCC ruling, I am feeling very slighted.  Apparently, millions of my blogging peers are not  blogging simply because they like to write.  Who would have thought?  Doesn’t everyone have free time to create content that other find valuable and interesting just because they are good people and want to support the greater good?

Without getting to deep into politics, do we really need the FCC to rule on endorsements for bloggers?  I assume that all bloggers have some commercial reason for what they do and I am pretty sure that I do not follow any blogger that is even a little shady about what they are endorsing.  Maybe I am naive?  But I don’t think so…

As for me, I blog because I wish to enhance my personal brand by helping professionals accelerate their careers.  Plain and simple.  I have never taken money to endorse a product or service, though I have and will continue to endorse (for free!) many products and services that I truly believe in like my favorite bloggers at Freakonomics, Keppie Careers, Radiant Veracity, Ferrazzi Greenlight, SanderSays and all the others on my blogroll. <UNPAID ENDORSEMENTS>

I pursue “slash careers” as defined by another of my favorite bloggers Marci Alboher. <UNPAID ENDORSEMENT>  Here is a listing of my slash careers that I hope to enhance by blogging:

  • I am building the national healthcare provider consulting practice at Santa Rosa where we are creating innovative solutions to help hospitals take full advantage of ARRA stimulus funding and to help hospitals better manage their medical imaging infrastructure and related spending. <UNPAID ENDORSEMENT>
  • I oversee Results First Consulting, a company that I built to provide strategic business planning and strategic sourcing (recruiting) services to companies of all sizes.
  • I provide personal coaching services to professionals seeking to get promoted faster and/or get bigger raises and to professionals in distressed situations (many times for free these days to those that have been downsized), and
  • I am an author of the recently released Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail.

BTW – Many thank for Tim Ferriss and his book The 4-Hour Work Week for giving me the information and inspiration that I needed to accomplish all these things at once! <UNPAID ENDORSEMENT>

So I will continue to blog and endorse many others for free to build my personal brand.  I will continue to provide the best content I can that will help my readers accelerate their careers.  In doing so, I will regularly point out to my readers other bloggers, products and services that I find valuable.  I will refrain from using <UNPAID ENDORSEMENT> labels when I do so because now you know that I have no vested interest in promoting other products and services.

Additionally, I will make no judgments about other bloggers decisions to accept or not accept endorsements as I already know that most blog for commercial purposes and not simply for the good of mankind.  So FCC, you may be feeling good about your new ruling, but I don’t think it will make one bit of difference! <UNPAID CRITICISM>

Now dismounting from my soapbox…. thanks for listening….

PS I also Tweet, and I am currently transitioning profiles from @ActAsIfSite to @JosephLavelle.  I hope you will follow me if you are looking for great career advice.

PSS I was kidding about sending products or money – anything sent will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness!

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