Look Inward During the Holidays to Make Next Year Your Best Ever

by Joe Lavelle on December 21, 2009

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The end of each year seems to provide a natural opportunity for self-reflection.  Did you accomplish the goals that you set out to achieve in January 2009?  As you surround yourself with family and friends, are you excited to share with them the strides you have made in your profession, or are you hoping the “How’s your job going?” question is avoided altogether?  Does the thought of starting another year with the same company get you excited for the future or dreading the continuation of an bad situation?  These may be tough questions to face, but they are worth your time.

On her great blog, Keppie Careers, Mariam Salpeter has recently shared a series of articles offering advice for professional development during the holidays.  One of her recent posts, “How to use the holidays as a time for self-assessment,” was written by Meghan M. Biro.  Ms. Biro is the founder of Talent Culture, and she has some wonderful insight to share concerning the need to look inward during this time of year.  She mentions four factors that can influence how attractive we are to potential employers–personality type, interests, skills, and values.  Concerning this last area of reflection, values, Ms. Biro offers this advice:

Personal values may seem to be the least important aspect of a career search, but they, more than anything else, will help you find a business culture where you fit … create a narrative that weaves theses attributes into a personal brand. Use the holidays to connect with people who work for companies with cultures that align with your personal brand.

This information is so important!  Know who you are and how who you are fits into your career goals.

In my new book, Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, I encourage my readers to never stop learning.  While this advice applies to languages, technology, and other great skills for the business world, I also mean that we should always be looking to learn more about ourselves.  It is when we are honest about our strengths and our preferences that we are best able to make career choices that will be the most fulfilling.

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