If You Aren’t Networking, You Aren’t an Advocate for Your Own Success

by Joe Lavelle on March 5, 2010

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You already know that I write often concerning the value of networking on this blog.  The reason that I place so much attention on networking because I want my readers to know that I cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating and nurturing personal relationships.  Graduating on the Dean’s List and with Phi Beta Kappa key in hand are wonderful accomplishments.  Devoting hours of overtime work to your employer as you focus on launching a new project is commendable and may get you the positive attention you deserve.  But, as far as I’m concerned, nothing can accelerate your career as much as a solid handshake and a productive conversation over lunch.

Anita Bruzzese wrote a great post several weeks ago that  I would like to share.  She wrote about the “5 Ways to Avoid Freaking Out about Networking,” and the article included some interesting statistics.  Upwardly Mobile Inc., an online career management service, conducted research and found that job seekers only talk to or email an average of eight people outside of their established circle every month.  That is hardly extending your feelers in every direction!  And, beyond that, only 38% of respondents have asked for an introduction in the past month.  Many of you must become better advocates for your own success!!  Check out Anita’s entire post for some great tips on getting back into the networking habit.

I know that networking is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone.  But, it is necessary and can become one of the most rewarding parts of your day.  In my book Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, I share dozens of tips that will start you down the path towards lifelong networking.  I hope you will check it out and find some new steps that you can take starting today!

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