What Kind of Potential Do You Have?

by Joe Lavelle on April 11, 2010

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As you take the necessary steps to accelerate your career, what do you see as the final destination you are trying to reach?  Do you want to be the president of the company at which you started in the mail room?  Do you want to start your business and execute a plan that will leave your competition begging for mercy?  Do you want to reach a point at which you are given the flexibility in your schedule to spend more time with family and pursuing your other passions?

Maybe one of your goals as your progress in your career is to take on a management position.  You want the unique skill set that only can be gained from supervising people and products.  However, is it possible that an honest assessment of your personality and your talents might lead you to the conclusion that you simply are not meant to be a manager?  What if you are the best worker an employer could ever hope to have, but that does not translate into a management role?

A recent article on MSNBC’s Business website posed the question, “Do You Have Management Potential?” The author, Sandy Shore, takes her readers through a series of questions that you should ask yourself before pursuing a management position.  These questions include:

Are you interested in mentoring others?

Can you hold people accountable?

Could you discipline or fire a subordinate?

I encourage you to check out the article and read through all of the questions and the accompanying analysis.  But, I also want to hear your thoughts as well.

What questions do you think are essential when doing a self-assessment for management potential?  Or, maybe you believe the premise of the question is inaccurate.  Do you instead think that any driven individual should be able to succeed in management if he or she is serious about career success?  Please let us know your thoughts!

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