The Airline Industry Needs Your Help! How Can They Make More Money from Fees?

by Joe Lavelle on May 9, 2010

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Here is a piece of news that will not come as a shock to anyone who travels by air on a regular basis–airlines made a lot of money from extra fees last year!  In fact, the Department of Transportation has just released figures that show the amount of revenue created by fees in the airline industry rose forty-two percent last year.  The total sum that all of us travelers of the skies made to the airlines with our fees was $7.8 billion in 2009.  The largest chunk of that money came from fees charged for checked bags, with pets and reservation changes also resulting in some steady fee intake.

I believe in helping others whenever possible, so I thought that I would offer this blog as a forum through which we can share our suggestions to the airlines for other fees that they can charge to up that revenue total even more in 2010.  Here are a few I came up with to get the ball rolling:

1. $1.00 charge for the flight attendant to open the can of soda and pour the beverage for you

2. Coin-operated toilets — two quarters to get in, three more to get out

3. $5.00 for a functioning oxygen mask

4. $2.00 for a seat in the waiting area at the gate

5. The highest bidder gets to be the first one off the plane

6. $1 per ice cube in your drink

Based on a couple of my previous blog posts, I know that many of you are frequent fliers.  So, I’m sure that you can come up with plenty of wonderful ways for the airlines to charge us additional fees.  Here is your opportunity to get the word out!  Leave your additional ideas in the comments section.  The airlines will thank you later!

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