Giving Back to the Gulf

by Joe Lavelle on June 22, 2010

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The disaster that has been unfolding in the Gulf over the past two months is heartbreaking on multiple fronts.  The environmental destruction will be felt for months and years to come, with some experts already asserting that the landscape of these coastal regions may be changed forever.  Those who make their living on the water, in many instances carrying on a family tradition that stretches back for generations, now must wonder how they will feed their children.  Resort towns that rely on the summer vacation plans of families and tourists are facing deserted beaches and empty restaurants.  There are also political, business, and national security issues that will be ongoing points of debate.

I am a strong advocate of the fact that we are all one community, whether we live down the street from one another or halfway around the world.  When we give back to others, we make life better for everyone and we most likely learn something along the way.  So, what can you and I do as individuals to help the people living in the Gulf region?

Politicians, community leaders, and business owners want us to visit the beaches of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.  Also, we are encouraged to enjoy the amazing food and music of New OrleansGreat effort is being made to assure guests to those states that the water is fine and the coast is as fun as ever.  During his most recent visit, President Barack Obama said “the best way to help is to come down here and visit.”

In addition to making a trip and spending your dollars, Newsweek has published dozens of specific ways that you can get involved.  Please check it out and see if there is a way that you can help!

For those of you who live in the Gulf or know family and friends who have been affected, what do you suggest?  How can the rest of us best help your community move forward towards recovery?

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