What Kind of Impression Are You Making with Your Resume?

by Joe Lavelle on July 18, 2010

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Yes, it’s an old adage that you certainly have heard hundreds of times.  When it comes to the presentation that you offer to potential employers, however, there is no more important statement to remember.  From the way that you dress to the confidence with which you shake a hand to the warm smile that you offer the receptionist as you wait for your interview to begin, the choices you make in a few short seconds could have a lasting impact on your career.

You also make an impression with the resume that you place in front of someone who is considering you for a job.  Is the type easy to read?  Are you sure that there are no spelling errors?  Have you sold yourself in a convincing but also realistic way?

On the blog that she writes for her Professional Resume Services, Erin Kennedy recently published the post “Who Can You Trust to Proof Your Resume?” She suggests that college students take advantage of the writing center on their campus. Also, she believes that everyone should have several sets of eyes review both their resume and the accompanying cover letter.  Please check out Erin’s entire post for her expert perspective on offering a great first impression with your resume.

If you have been in a position to hire people, what are some common mistakes applicants make with their resume or cover letter?  What can people do to give a great first impression with these two introductory documents?  Share your advice with the rest of us!

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