Is Your Career “Hot” or Facing Extinction?

by Joe Lavelle on November 17, 2010

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If you looking for ways to accelerate your career, you may want to examine the professions that offer the fastest and widest lanes for moving ahead.  Pouring your time, money, and passion into a field that is moving towards extinction may just be a practice in frustration, unless you are absolutely convinced that particular line of work is your only way to find professional satisfaction.

For example, typewriter repairman, compact disc cover artist, and mouse pad designer are job titles that may not be flourishing over the course of your professional life.

So, which careers offer the most opportunity in the next few years?  Well, if you like working with money or with medicine, you are on the right track.

The Yahoo! Education site recently posted an article detailing the “Hot Careers through 2018 and Beyond.” As the articles shares, all of these careers offer good pay, stability, and job security.  Sounds pretty good!

If you like working with numbers, perhaps being an Accountant/Auditor or a Financial Examiner would be good options for you.  The number of job openings for the latter is expected to grow by 41% over the next several years! Those of you in healthcare probably already know that the Healthcare IT Market is Hot and probably will be for at least the next few years!

Do you enjoy spending time with people and helping them feel better?  Dental assistant, physical therapy assistant, and registered nurse are all hot careers right now.  The article shares the amazing statistic that a half million more nurses will be needed by 2018!

What are the trends like in your current career?  Are you in a field that will be expanding over the next decade or do you think you line of work will require some serious changes in order to stay relevant and thriving as technology and communication change so rapidly?

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