Most People Plan to Job Hunt in 2011

by Joe Lavelle on January 3, 2011

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Even if you are someone who holds steadfast to the idea that you do not make New Year’s Resolutions, there still may be some way that you privately mark the passage of one year to the next. Maybe you subtly find a way to go to the gym just one more time every week. You might think to yourself, “This is the year that I am going to land that promotion,” even if you don’t put that promise to yourself on paper. Is there an anniversary of a difficult date that you want to make less painful when it comes around again?

The start of a new year is a natural way to create a fresh start and to plan to do some things differently. And, apparently, a large number of you plan to make 2011 a time in which you find a new job. A survey from the job-placement firm Manpower found that 84% of those asked have the intention of looking for a new position this year. That is an overwhelming number, up by nearly 25% over last year’s figure. This desire to change jobs is fueled by the sense that the economy is improving and that more options will be available to many who have felt fortunate simply to be employed over the past couple of years.

Only time will tell if the large number of people who are unhappy in their current position and plan to look for different work actually follow through with that plan in 2011. But, it does seem apparent there will be increased fluidity in the job market in the near future. Will you be ready to maximize your professional potential when new opportunities in your career present themselves this year?

What are your predictions for the job market in 2011?

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