Subtle Messages in Popular Logos

by Joe Lavelle on January 19, 2011

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I have written before about the importance of creating your personal brand.  What makes you memorable to potential clients and employers?  What is your signature?  Sometimes, you need to stop and think about yourself as a product and determine whether or not your personal marketing plan is helping you meet your potential.  Along those same lines, I came across a fun article recently that explains the meanings behind a dozen popular logos used by companies today.  These graphics are all likely ones that you recognize, but I wonder if you’ve ever noticed the way that small details are used to sell a product or service.

For example, the article discusses the yellow arrow that visitors to can see under the word “amazon.”  Did you ever realize that the arrow begins at the letter “a” and continues to its conclusion at the letter “z”?  This symbol is meant to demonstrate the fact that Amazon sells everything “from A to Z” for its customers.  Also, the arc of the arrow is meant to resemble a smile, which offers visitors to the site a positive association with shopping through Amazon.  I think it’s fascinating to study how effectively great companies can market to our interests and emotions in such subtle ways.

The piece, which was written for AOL news, also offers insight into the logos used by FedEx, Goodwill, IBM, and other well-known companies.  Check it out and see how much you may have been missing when you give some of the storefront windows in your community only a quick glance.

Whether or not they employ some of these hidden messages in their design, what are some of the logos out there that you believe to be the most effective in branding their companies?  What makes them so successful?

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