Marketing without Money

by Joe Lavelle on February 14, 2011

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There are signs that entrepreneurs are feeling more confident about the state of our economy.  You probably have seen new small businesses open in your city or neighborhood recently, and that is a wonderful sign of our country’s resilience.  But, men and women who are opening these shops and restaurants and landscaping businesses (just as examples) may find that they don’t have a lot of money left to spend on marketing the goods and services they have to offer.  So, how do you help your new business grow and thrive on a budget?

A restaurant owner in Arizona posed this very question to a group from The Young Entrepreneur Council and received some great responses.  The advice they offered may have been given to a man who was selling his culinary creations, but the suggestions apply to any business.

One idea was to set up a partnership with a local professional organization by offering discounts on food for its members or hosting their next event.  If you are a bookstore owner, extend some special deals to the moms’ groups in the area (they are organized!).  If you are a florist, see if the local Chamber of Commerce will let you provide the centerpieces for their next luncheon.

The Young Entrepreneurs also encouraged offering amazing customer service.  This is must in any business, of course!  And, it’s free!  You will create a buzz for your company if customers and clients are greeted with a genuine interest in their needs, a warm smile, and attention that lasts beyond landing the sale.

Check out the other suggestions and think about how you might be able to apply them to how you market yourself!

What are some ways that you advertise your professional expertise without spending a lot of money?

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