Late to Work Again? What’s Your Excuse?

by Joe Lavelle on March 8, 2011

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When the job market is not as booming with opportunities as we would like, we tend to make sure that we hold onto the job we have.  Problems in the economy can mean better customer service, increased productivity, and the generation of great new ideas (not that I am promoting a weak job market by any means; I’m just pointing out some possible side effects).  Employees want to show their bosses that they are important to have around.  Another way this dedication is demonstrated is by getting to work on time.  A recent study by found that fifteen percent of employees admitted to being late to work at least once a week, which is down five percent from 2008.

The survey takers, in addition to asking how often employees were late to the office, also wanted to know some of the more unusual excuses given for their tardiness.  As it turns out, unusual alibis do not end once we are no longer accountable to teachers and parents.  A couple of the examples included in the article were:

“I hurt myself getting a fork out of the dishwasher.”

“My hair was hurting my head.”

I wonder if these same employees were more creative than to use the standard “the dog ate my homework”  excuse when they were in high school.  I’m guessing so.

If you check out the Comments section of the article, you find many more amusing reasons that people have used to explain why they were not sitting at their desks at 9:00am.  Do any of them sound familiar to you?

What is the greatest “reason why I’m late” excuse that you have ever used or heard from an employee?

And, while we may laugh at some of these things, please remember that not showing up to work on time creates a bad impression and certainly will not help your career advancement.  In fact, the article shares that one-third of hiring mangers have fired someone for being late.  So, instead of crafting an excuse, just try to get to work on time.


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