Unusual Jobs and the People Who Love Them

by Joe Lavelle on March 21, 2011

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Do you ever sit at your desk, surrounded by stacks of paperwork or staring at a screen filled with e-mails urgently waiting for your reply, and dream about a new career . . . one that would be exciting and unique and have others wondering about how to get a job like yours?  As you know, I firmly believe that we have the power to create any professional destiny that we want.  If you are not happy where you are, or know that you would find more satisfaction in another line of work, develop a plan that will get you there.  I recently read a piece that details some of the most unusual jobs at companies that have been deemed as the best in the country for which to work.  Maybe they can serve as your inspiration to try something different in your career.

Did you know there is a man at the company headquarters for Aflac whose job is to take care of the six ducks that live on the campus.  As you know from the TV commercials, the quacking duck is integral to Aflac’s marketing, so these animals are well-cared for on the premises.  Security guard Bill Zimmerman lets them out to play in the pond every day and makes sure they are fed and put to bed at night.  He says that he takes care of the ducks as he would small children, and hopes to keep one if he after has to leave his position.

Additionally, there’s the engineer who has been designing tracks for Hot Wheels cars for the past 27 years.  Eric Ostendorff, who previously worked as an engineer in the airline industry, gets to design and play every day.  He is using his specialized and technical education to participate in a job for which he has a real passion and that brings joy to millions of kids.

Check out the other “wacky jobs” and see if any of them spark your imagination!  Or, if you are already living the dream with a job that is perfectly suited to you, what do you recommend to others who are still searching for that career that really excites them?

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