Can You Be More Likable?

by Joe Lavelle on April 3, 2011

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I have so much respect for the work done by others in my field, and I learn from them every day.  One person who always has fresh and straightforward ideas to share is Penelope Trunk, which she does through her blog Brazen Careerist.  I was catching up on some of her posts recently and liked the fact that she shared links to the topics over the past year that had received the most comments from readers.  That gave me a chance to see what was really grabbing people’s interest on another site in 2010.

One of the popular posts has the title “How to make yourself more likable,” and who wouldn’t be drawn to that invitation?  In the post, she opens up about a personal relationship and how it has taught her lessons about likability that can apply to any social or work situation.  For instance, she advocates the importance of seeing things from another person’s perspective.  How will your co-workers be affected by the ideas you have to change office procedures?  What are your client’s most important needs and how can knowing that help you build that important professional relationship?

Ms. Trunk also explains that it is important to be a positive person.  Optimism is much more appealing to be around than the alternative.  However, she cautions that it also is important to be honest.  If you are having trouble with a tricky situation at work, let someone know about it.  Both your upbeat outlook and your lack of pretension will make you more likable.

I recommend you read the entire post, first published in January 2010, since, as the comments accompanying the post will prove, the content resonated with many other professionals out there.

In a professional setting, what makes someone “likable” to you?

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