Keep Your Employees Engaged and Accountable

by Joe Lavelle on April 17, 2011

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If part of your job responsibilities involve the supervision of other employees, do you ever get the feeling that they have checked out of the company’s mission and short- and long-term goals?  Are the concerns that you have about team cohesiveness, lack of direction, and the need to stay competitive in a challenging economy falling on deaf ears?  If you find yourself trying to encourage men and women who only want to show up when required, do no more than the necessary tasks, and then go home, then you may need some new strategies to get your employees motivated and invested in the health of your company.

Dawn Lennon, a wonderful career coach and mentor, recently published an article entitled “10 Wake-up Call Questions for Employees in Denial.” In this post, which can be found on her blog, Dawn reminds supervisors of their responsibility to keep employees aware of current company conditions and to get them engaged in the process of improvement.

The first question she believes needs to be asked of employees is “What business are we in?”  Everyone in your office should be able to explain the purpose of your company and the active verbs that accomplish these goals.  If you have someone sitting at a desk who can’t even explain the basic mission of his work, then the needed focus is missing.

Every question that follows offers a great opportunity for discussion between supervisors and their employees, including “How are we perceived within and outside the company?” and “What do we need to do better?”  When you make everyone feel like a valued part of the process and let them know what really is at stake, you will see productivity and teamwork rise.

Are discussion sessions about the company’s purpose, perception, and planning a regular part of the working environment in your office?

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