Marketing the Intangibles

by Joe Lavelle on June 20, 2011

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You have done all you can to update your resume, but every time you read through your lists of academic accolades and professional experience you still feel like something is missing.  This typed document is not selling your full potential and you are afraid that potential employers will not appreciate all that you have to offer a company.  These qualities that are not easily described in bullet points under a job heading are known as your intangibles.  We all have them to offer, but which of these attributes are the ones that your future boss likely wants to see?

I often visit Dan Schawbel’s website to catch up on great articles about personal branding, networking, and career advancement, and recently I read a wonderful piece “6 Intangibles That Will Get You Hired” written by Deborah Shane.  In the article, Shane explains that the demographics of the workplace are changing dramatically and employers are looking at a more holistic set of skills when determining a new member of their team.  Companies need people who are able to work in diverse settings and adapt to an environment that may change from one day to the next.

Among the skills that Shane recommends you advertise if you are able are:

Team Player — I have written many blog posts about the similarities between sports and the business world.  You need to be able to get along with others who bring a wide range of strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Positivity — Arrive at the office determined to make it a good day for your customers, your co-workers, and yourself.  While you don’t want to be a one-dimensional guy in a suit who doesn’t sometimes share normal human frustration or sadness, try to leave the personal issues at home and focus on maintaining a productive and happy work environment.

Please check out the entire article and discover other intangibles that you may offer your next boss!

What is the best way for job candidates to share their own intangibles?  Is there a good way to integrate these skills into a resume?  Or, are the intangibles more easily shared once you reach the interview table?  Please share your advice for creating a successful approach to personal marketing.

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