by Joe Lavelle on June 13, 2011

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With all of the country songs about sharing some choice words with your boss and your friend’s jokes about how many times he tends to hit the snooze button on Monday mornings, you would think that many of us dread that commute to work every morning.  But, a recent poll revealed that this perception of job unhappiness couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gallup shared findings from a poll conducted earlier this year that shows 87.5% of American workers are satisfied with their jobs.  That’s a pretty impressive figure and one that hasn’t changed much in the past few years despite the fact that millions more are unemployed now than in early 2008.

There are several possible reasons for this high level of, if not thrills and excitement, at least a sense of contentment.  One theory is that many people are grateful simply to have a job in this difficult economy and aren’t going to complain about any kind of work they are able to maintain.  Another wild idea is that maybe we really are happier in our chosen professions than the media and culture want to give us credit for.  We are proud of our work and our ability to provide for our families.  Or, in some instances, maybe work is just a way to allow you the freedom to do the things that really do bring you satisfaction, such as boating or traveling or shopping, and you are happy to be able to engage in those activities.

Even if you are satisfied with your current position, I hope that you are always looking for ways to advance and learn more about your profession.  Don’t let yourself become stagnant or you may find yourself left behind.

What do you think has created the high percentage of satisfied workers in our country?  Do you count yourself as one of them?


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