Bad Habits May Be Hurting Your Career

by Joe Lavelle on July 25, 2011

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I am sure you have developed some good habits over the course of your lifetime that now benefit you as you work to advance in your career.  You arrive for appointments on time, you always send thank-you notes on a regular basis, and your hygiene is impeccable.  But, is there also a habit that is stopping you from moving forward?  Chances are, the answer is yes.

The authors of the New York Times bestseller Change Anything, which aims to help people break out of self-destructive patterns, conducted research and found that 97% of employees in this country admit to having some kind of Career-Limiting Habit (CLH).  And, most of these workers will never do anything to alter this habit in the hopes of finding greater professional success.

Some of the most popular CLHs listed included procrastination, the attitude of “It’s not my job,” and resistance to change.  Do any of these bad habits sound familiar to you?  Are you guilty of rushing to finish a project at the last-minute, often compromising on quality?  Do you look at new ideas for your company as something that will make your job harder or as wonderful opportunities for growth and greater success?

If you are guilty of one of these bad career habits, or another one that you just know is preventing you from getting that promotion, please know that change is possible!  You can remove that habit from your life and replace it with one that will lead to more money, more advancement, and greater fulfillment.

Joseph Grenny, one of five authors of Change Anything, suggests several ideas for crafting better career habits.  You can hang out with hard workers who share your career goals or change your workspace to create the most productive surroundings.  Just start with something to turn that bad habit around!

Have you had to overcome a career-limiting habit?  How did you do it?

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