Football Teams are Ready to Go! Is Your Office?

by Joe Lavelle on August 1, 2011

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Arguments could made over whether Americans have been more concerned about the lengthy deadlock in negotiations between NFL players and owners or the battle in Washington over raising the debt ceiling.  At least in the instance of the former, a solution has been reached and there will be a 2011 season for the NFL.  Fans across the country have taken a collective sign of relief and put aside their concern over what else would fill their Sunday afternoons.

With training camp being dramatically shortened due to the lockout, it will be interesting to see which teams are prepared and ready to win when the first games are played just over a month from now.  I imagine that those teams returning with same coach and largely the same roster of players, like last year’s Superbowl teams, are going to be at an advantage because there will not be as much to learn and the comfort level between players is already established.  But if you are a rookie quarterback planning to lead your team down the field while taking orders from a new coach who just arrived in town last month, the task that lies ahead will be a difficult one.

I often find sports analogies come to mind when thinking about professional growth and career choices, and the NFL lockout story is no different.  Is your office one that is organized and promotes team cohesion, so that you are able to address any opportunities or challenges collectively the moment they arrive?  Or, do you feel like you are always trying to learn a new system and that co-workers leave for better opportunities in your chosen field on a regular basis?  Both a company and a football team need solid leadership and an understood assignment of responsibilities so that every role is filled and people are held accountable for their contributions.  Time will tell which teams are able to develop a winning formula this year.

Are you excited for the return of football?    What similarities do you see between a great NFL team and a strong business model?

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